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Picture of Jeff B in the garage

With over 33 years clocked in at L-Z, Jeff has risen through the ranks to become our Shop Manager.  His attention to detail, teaching ability and understanding of people and the complexities of running a truck equipment shop, are borne out by the level of production and quality the shop produces.

Jeffrey B.

Picture of Stewart in the garage

Another employee with 30+ years with us.  Stewart’s skills are many … head painter, heavy duty truck equipment installer, hydraulics, electrical, high-end skills and problem solving are amongst many of his attributes.

Stewart B.

Picture of Mike B in the garage

Mike has over 25 years with L-Z.  He’s as close to being a “design engineer” without the certificate that accompanies it.  His ability to take a customer’s need and create a solution is of great value to the company.  Fabrication is his expertise.  He joins a succession of the forefathers that had a vision in their head, and a welder in their hand, some 70+ years ago.

Mike B.

Picture of John C in the garage

In his 15+ years at L-Z, John has worn many hats at L-Z.  He’s well versed in installations of a large variety of truck equipment components.  He’s Western Plow certified and has graduated to the heavy truck side of the shop.  Welding, hydraulics and electrical wiring capabilities are all in his tool belt.  He’s a valuable component in the shop with a tremendous amount of versatility.

John C.

Picture of Tom in the garage

Tom is a tireless worker, always giving 110%.  Tom is our Assistant Shop Manager and is approaching 25 years with L-Z.  He’s a top producer with a high understanding and ability to work on anything that comes into the shop.

Tom C.

Picture of Jason in the garage

What a catch.  It’s tough finding good people and we’re very fortunate that Jason came to L-Z looking for a change.  Production support is one of his top priorities that also include inventory control, sales, shipping and receiving.  We welcome him and are thrilled watching him grow with L-Z.

Jason D.

Picture of Bob in the garage

Bob came to L-Z over 30 years ago with a solid background in mechanics.  He went to work in the parts department initially, but it didn’t take long for my father, Steve Zeece Sr., to recognize that Bob had talent.  He was moved into the front office and is one of our most coveted employees.  His ability to connect with customers is unparalleled.  Bob is the glue between L-Z and its largest clients.  Bob can handle every call and every walk-in customer that needs help with finding a solution to their vehicle upfitting needs.  Bob is a tireless worker and has a vast array of knowledge, critical to the success of the business.

Bob G.

Picture of Bill in the garage

Bill is a great utility player, Class A driver and wiring harness manufacturer.  Ready at a spur of the moment to take on any task he’s asked of.  His tenure at L-Z exceeds a decade and we love having his smile and disposition in the building.  There isn’t a lot Bill hasn’t seen or done and it’s impossible to put a value on that.  We’re glad to have him in the fold.

Bill H.

Picture of Randon in the garage

This is Randon’s 2nd stint at L-Z.  We gladly welcomed him back into the fold in 2022 and with his experience in mechanics and his painting ability, he’s been a great addition to the team.  He gives us depth in a lot of areas and always has a smile on his face.

Randon M.

Picture of Amy in the office

Amy has over 30 years at L-Z.  She started as a teenager here and it didn’t take long for her to soak up knowledge.  It seemed like overnight she became the “do everything” person in the office.  Sales support, human resources, accounting, and too many other skills to list.  Every office needs someone like her to hold it all together and she makes it all look easy.

Amy O.

Picture of Jeff T in the garage

Jeff goes about his business quietly, but don’t let that fool you.  He’s like a sponge, absorbing information and applying it in the shop.  He is Western Plow school certified and he’s our go to guy on plow installs, liftgate installs and too many other products to mention.  A steady hand that consistently produces.  15+ years on the job at L-Z.

Jeff T.

Picture of Houa in the garage

Houa started at L-Z in our fleet upfitting group and quickly caught on.  He has also become one of our top graphics appliers.  Another 100% attendance person and he brings with him a very positive attitude.  Houa continues to learn and grow, just what every organization needs.

Houa Y.

Picture of Steven in the garage

Steven came to us with a passion for everything on wheels and was eager to learn the truck equipment business.  He’s very coachable and does exactly what is asked of him.  A young talent that every company needs.  Steven has learned a lot and has accepted every job put in front of him and he has a high ceiling.

Steven B.

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