L-Z Truck Equipment Incorporated

Truck Equipment Upfitter

These pictures are worth many words but to sum it up, it shows how far we’ve come and where we’re at.  The yard is full of Fords, Chevrolets, Nissans and Freightliners.  Ford Ship Thru, Nissan Ship to and Chevrolet Drop Ship.  National and local fleets using L-Z Truck Equipment for their upfitting.   Vehicles going coast to coast.

It’s a testament to our production people and solid proof that doing quality work and doing it on time pays dividends! 

In 2017 we’ll celebrate our 65th year in business, we’ve weathered many ups and downs including the Ford Plant closure in 2011.  Resiliency at its best.  We’re looking forward to making new customers part of our success story and join the many that have made it happen!

-Steve Zeece Jr.