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The L-Z Equipment Upfitters Story

L-Z Truck Equipment has been providing truck and van upfitting solutions for over 70 years. As a family-owned business, we take pride in being a reliable partner for all your upfitting needs. In 1952 we began as a manufacturing shop, building our own snowplows, shelving, toppers, and ladder racks. Now, we install a broad range of upfits utilizing components from our reliable suppliers as well as fabricating components.

Reliability and quality have been engrained into our process since the 90’s when we became a ship-through facility for Ford and GM.  Every vehicle is 100% inspected before it leaves our shop. Together, using our decades of experience and broad supplier network, we can create solutions to fit your vehicle that are both economically and feasibly beneficial.

Every customer is met with an individualized approach, whether you are a small family business or the fleet manager of a thousand vehicles.  ​

Let us help you customize your vehicle to fit your unique requirements and get the job done right.

L-Z Truck Equipment business historical image 2
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