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Our Trade Services

L-Z Truck Equipment has been in the business of upfitting truck and vans since 1952.  Our broad experience and capability uniquely positions the company to handle the requests ranging from a single, individually designed vehicle to hundreds of vehicles.  


Over the years we worked with fleet managers to optimize the design and produce trucks and vans.  We have 100% inspection to ensure highest quality.  Very often we get requests to optimize and customize the design for optimum use.  Long shelves for pipes, lift gates.  


L-Z is also very good at building multiple use upfits.  Some trades will require hauling a trailer one day, make a delivery another, while fixing and replacing equipment.   Careful consideration is needed to make sure that appropriate upfit is used.  

L-Z Truck Equipment plumbing service example


L-Z Truck Equipment fire safety service example

Fire Safety

L-Z Truck Equipment electrical service example


L-Z Truck Equipment gas & utility service example

Gas & Utility

L-Z Truck Equipment HVAC/Mechanical service example


L-Z Truck Equipment multiple use service example

Multiple Use

L-Z Truck Equipment delivery service example


L-Z Truck Equipment other trades service example

Other Trades

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