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How can L-Z help me decide what I need for my upfit?​  

We have upfitted thousands of vehicles since 1952.  Our designs range from simple, off the shelf kits, to complicated, fully custom layouts.  We will start with understanding your application, unique needs, and the budget.  L-Z works with numerous suppliers to find the best solution for you.  We will also propose custom solutions to maximize space, convenience, and safety for the end user.  

How do I start the upfitting process for my vehicle?

First, you will need to provide the information about your vehicle, such as type, year, bed size for a truck, van model, etc. Then specify application and standard equipment – topper, boxes, or shelving arrangement.   Communicating additional requirements and needs is also important.  L-Z has significant capability to customize. 

What vehicles can you upfit?

A majority of our vehicles are pick up trucks, commercial vans, and other trucks.  Class of vehicles that we upfit fall into Class 1 through 7.  


Can you add equipment to older vehicles?​  

Older vehicles is often tricky and new equipment could be worth more than the truck or van itself.  Many of our customers, nevertheless opt for that.  For examples, we installed many lift gates, flat beds, and ramps, just to name a few.  The works starts with preparation of the truck/van, such as removing of the old equipment, cutting off the bumper, grinding the surfaces, etc.   After that, we can install new items.  


Do you sell used equipment?

No.  Everything we install is brand new, usually ordered for a specific vehicle. 


Do you sell vehicles?

No.  Our customers bring their own vehicles for the upfit. 

What are your Drop Ship Codes?​  

Ford Drop Ship Code F88DD1
Ford P&A Code 4231C-5
Nissan Ship To Code X2496
Dodge Drop Ship Code T7953
GMC Drop Ship Code 55198 BAC 142032
Chevrolet Drop Ship Code 55198 BAC142032 


Do you perform any repairs?

We do warranty repairs.

Do you do graphics?

Yes, we install decals, logos, labels, etc. 


Can I buy parts from you?

Yes, we have a parts department.  You can call us and specify the part to order.  We can also help you identify correct part and order it.  Some of our customers, especially those who manage and service their fleet, ask us to order multiple parts and assemble them into kits.  We then deliver them.  


How long do I need to wait for my upfit?

Timing for the upfit is often dictated by the lead time for the parts.  Once we agree on the design and price, we place the order for the components. When components arrive, we immediately notify you.


Can you upfit fleets with high volume?

Some of our customers manage large fleets.  They bring hundreds of vehicles to us every year.  We track every vehicle and know the status of the order any time you call.   Moreover, we provide regular status updates during our conference calls.  We also set targets for each month.  


How is your customer service?

Each account - regardless of size and number of vehicles - gets a Key Account Manager (KAM).  Whenever you call, a KAM will tell you the status of the parts order and timeline for your upfit.  Once parts received, the work on your vehicle can start.  We call you immediately after it is done.  Pick up and delivery of the vehicles is also commonly arranged.  


You say that L-Z is known for high quality. What do you mean by that?

L-Z Has been trained by Ford Motor Company.  Electrical and mechanical work is held to the highest standards of safety and reliability.  We have 100% inspection, as each vehicle individually inspected after the job is done.  Our staff is trained on the newest best practices.  


Do you offer financing for the upfit job?

While we do not provide financing ourselves, we can refer you to our lending partners.


Can you upfit trailers?

Yes.  Trailers could be very complicated and often require significant custom work.  This is where L-Z really excels. We have our own machine shop, frequently do custom wiring layouts, as well as piping and cabinetry.  Some customers ask us to install highly specialized equipment, climate control, or work space items.  


What kind of snow plow can you install?

L-Z is a dealer for Western.  We provide installation, maintenance and repair for Western snow plows and equipment.  We also install and repair spreaders and sell parts.

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